What are their advantages? They meet our 5Points rule.

  • 1.

    No products losses

    Liftvrac technology, which combines a patented belt formed in a tube, combined with a flexible scraper, helps to fight against products losses.

  • 2.

    Food safety

    Completely smooth, unique, and patented, the Liftvrac belt guarantees the hygiene and food safety of the product it conveys. The tube it forms protects food from any external contamination and easy to clean.

  • 3.

    Product preservation

    The product is not altered, compressed, or compacted during elevation for a high respect and preservation of the product integrity.

  • 4.

    Space saving

    Our conveyors are adaptable to any type of production line : New project or existing line. It’s configuration minimize foot print even for high elevation.

  • 5.

    Eco-friendly & User-friendly

    On top of being low energy users, our conveyors are easy to clean which reduces water and detergents consumption. Easy to use the Liftvrac conveyors are recommended by our customers.